Banks and Intermediaries Should Blockchain Mining

Banks and Intermediaries Should Blockchain Mining

The biggest new trend I've seen in bitcoin / blockchain is the emergence of a number of companies that have created systems on the blockchain (including NASDAQ) to address the backoffice issues that banks and intermediaries need to manage. Blockchain is an ideal platform for building such applications (cleaning, placement, etc.) on it.

One concern, however, is that banks want to know who manages their infrastructure and feel uncomfortable with the miners they don't know, built on Blockchain, which provides transaction processing infrastructure for these applications.

In my opinion, this is the perfect reason for banks and intermediaries to take some of their data processing infrastructure and direct it to the block chain and start mining. They can even build a mine pool between the big money center banks. And it is relatively simple for a blockchain application to direct its operations to specific miners.

If you think of Blockchain as an open source, peer-to-peer, highly distributed database, it makes sense to transform the processing infrastructure from individuals to large global companies. Some of these miners will be dedicated to profit miners, and some will be mining companies to ensure the integrity of the network and the systems they work on. Banks and intermediaries are the first actors in the second category.

I wonder if the CIOs of the big money center banks have already done so. If I was in business, I'd be on top of all this.

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