Paxful Wallet?

Paxful Wallet?

Paxful is an important interpersonal finance platform for Bitcoin trading.

In 2014, Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback later founded EasyBitz named Paxful. When creating this platform, they had a goal in mind: to facilitate the trade of Bitcoin from businesses to sellers.

Many of the major problems in the world revolve around monetization and money transfer. Money transfer is not fast or cheap all over the world, but Paxful has changed that.

Paxful is an important interpersonal Bitcoin platform where buyers and sellers communicate for trade. Offering over 300 payment methods, Paxful makes it incredibly easy to find affordable offers. We offer users full control over their own money. Thanks to our escrow system and 24/7 dedicated customer support, Paxful is very safe if you know how to minimize risks and keep your account safe. Immediately after signing up, Paxful users are given a FREE wallet.

The interpersonal Paxful system removes the boundaries and limits. You can think of your Paxful account as your personal financial passport. You can send money from anywhere in the world with your account and buy whatever you want. Start your own business with our Affiliate Program.

Our community, which has more than 2 million users, continues to grow. Thanks to Paxful, these users can trade easily and effortlessly.

What is the Paxful Affiliate Program?

Paxful Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to reward users who share Paxful affiliate links with their friends and followers.

Every Paxful user has a affiliate link that they can find on the classic, supplier and affiliate panels. By using your affiliate link, you earn commission from every new user registered. The program allows you to earn a commission of 50% of the standard escrow fee and 10% of the standard escrow fee from the affiliates 'purchases' when one of your direct sales partners makes a "purchase". Escrow fee is calculated as 1% in all affiliate payments, except when affiliate fees are less than 1%.

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