What is Bitcoin Gold? How to Buy

What is Bitcoin Gold? How to Buy

In the light of recent developments, the rapid fluctuation of the value of Bitcoin began to blow strong winds between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. While all of these events took place, a community that wanted to make Bitcoin a decentralized currency again issued a new crypto currency called Bitcoin Gold with its hard seal and the desire for Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Gold?

The main goal of Bitcoin Gold is to be a much better crypto currency than Bitcoin. For this purpose, Bitcoin Gold, which entered the market, was designed to be resistant to mining devices called ASIC. Bitcoin Gold uses the Proof of Work algorithm and the Equihash algorithm. These algorithms are known to be highly resistant to ASICs and can be used in Zcash. The purpose of this change is to ensure that Bitcoin mining is done with CPU and GPU as before, rather than with paid applications. Bitcoin Gold, like Bitcoin, is designed to be extracted from 21 million pieces. 1% of Bitcoin Gold has already been excavated and these coins are in the hands of those who designed Bitcoin Gold. As a matter of fact, this raises the question of whether many people will cheat people in mind.

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold

The answer to this question is the same as our answer to other crypto currencies. By opening virtual wallets from various crypto money exchanges, you can trade Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold Mining

If you want to mining with your standard equipped home or workplace computers, we recommend that you give up now. Because you can not make money from mining done in this way, because of the high energy consumption can be in your pocket money. So those who think about mining should think again. Free Gpu Bitcoin Mining

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