What is Bitcoin Mining?

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is a Bitcoin production process. It is a structure that provides financial transfers, approves financial transactions and enables the production of new Bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining (BTC Mining) operates with Blockchain technology. With the full nodes in the chain, all the processes that have taken place since Genesis Bitcoin are recorded and the process of generating Bitcoin is realized with the problems that Miner Nodes try to solve instantly. Bitcoin miners are called miners.

Bitcoin (BTC) mining can be likened to a kind of gold search of modern time. The more you contribute, the more Bitcoin you earn, so the more you work, the more you earn. Powerful computer with more and more powerful hardware can win more. While Bitcoin production was possible in the early days of Bitcoin with computer processors and graphics cards, it is not possible now. This requires an ASIC Miner (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). This device, whose sole purpose is to produce Bitcoin, is connected from the USB part of your computer. In this way, it is possible to produce Bitcoin from your own computer at home, do Bitcoin mining with other names or dig Bitcoin.

In fact, what everyone is trying to say is this; Yaparak I want to be rich by doing bitcoin mining, but I don't know where to start… ”But the truth is, if you're not really exceptional, you're probably too late to do Bitcoin mining / digging (which I think is a more accurate concept of mining). Before discussing why this is so, what is Bitcoin mining in short, it is useful to consider this.

Another analogy used for mining is to draw lots on your computer. Although technically more accurate, I didn't choose it because it brought to mind a system that “the lucky one would win”. The reason that it is not based on too much chance is that the lottery pool is too big, and that the so-called “lottery” of those who invest a large amount of labor (processing power) into the lottery business will win this so-called “lottery”.

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