What is Paxful? How to use?

What is Paxful? How to use?

The team behind Paxful aims to provide a simple, fair and secure platform that enables individuals to generate value. The site acts as a global peer to the peer payment logistics platform and facilitates Bitcoin trading in a way that Ebay facilitates daily commodity trading.

Paxful is based in the U.S. and was founded in 2015 by a group of developers trying to build a peer-to-peer market that allows buyers and sellers to interact after making trading offers. The site works as a mediator between interested parties and provides a space for its users to interact.

Paxful is a popular option for Bitcoin trading, as the site is user-friendly and offers the most diverse range of payment methods available online. Payment options include bank transfer, credit or debit card, PayPal, MoneyGram and Skrill. In addition to these methods, users can also choose to shop using any of the many gift cards like Amazon and iTunes. These options make Paxful a useful place to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Key Features

Paxful allows buyers and sellers to trade through an extremely wide range of payment methods. These include:

Cash Deposit

Credit and Debit Cards

Gift Cards

Money gram

National Bank Transfer


Western Union

The site also includes a number of features designed to help secure trading:

Security of Funds - Paxful creates a wallet that automatically stores your money when you sign up for an account. This wallet acts as an effective way to store and transfer money on the site. Paxful servers are also protected in accordance with the highest banking conditions.

2-Factor Authentication - Wallets require complex passwords and two-factor authentication to guarantee security. Enabling 2FA protects your wallet and provides extra protection against hackers.

An Escrow Service - When trading on the site, funds are held in escrow until both parties confirm all parts of the transaction. This acts as a way to protect traders and allow smoother trades.

Reputation Points - Investors are given a ranking based on their activities, and trade histories and feedback points are open for everyone to see.

Customer Support - Paxful operates a comprehensive support system and the support team often does not respond. Users can contact the support team via options such as direct message, email, phone and social media.

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